Nourishing the Child’s Brain

The insight into the configuration/synthesis of the human mind in recent years has highlighted the importance of parental education on how to raise their children. We have the knowledge that the stimuli from the environment as well as the type of contact developed between a parent and a child, forms the child’s brain and determines its future development.

The knowledge of the function and configuration of the brain helps the parent understand their child’s needs. This leads to a more efficient handling of difficult situations that parents face. Recent findings in Neuroscience and Psychology have proved how important it is for the different parts of the brain to cooperate and function as one, as it forms the basis for social, emotional and mental health.


• Findings of Neuroscience and brain plasticity
• Configuration of the Child brain through contact and interaction with the environment
• Techniques to support the developing child’s brain by connecting its sections.

Specifically, connection of the right and left hemisphere, connection of the “upper and lower brain”, connection of the implicit and explicit memory, connection of the individual elements of oneself (feelings, sensations, perceptions and behavior), connection of oneself with others. Special emphasis is given on the techniques with the use of practical examples and further explanation is offered -if necessary-.

Educational material is provided.


Dates for the educational period 2017:
28-29 January 2017 (Saturday & Sunday), Agrinio

It concerns:
-Educators and Professionals in parents’ psychoeducation,
-Professionals in Pre-School & Early-School Education, and
-Students in the Department of Education.

For further information: Invitation for “Nourishing the Child’s Brain” (2017)




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