Nourishing the Teenager’s Μind

One of the best challenges for a parent and a professional is to be able to connect and support the teenager during his transition from childhood to adulthood. Knowing what’s happening in the teenage brain at that stage of development, we are able, as parents, educators and mental health experts to connect with the adolescent, understand their specific needs and support its development. The exercise of our role acquires another meaning. How can we capitalize on the specific characteristics of adolescence, the passion for exploring the unknown and the need to live an exciting life? Not only do not suppress the vitality of the teenager, but rather to support him to lay a solid foundation to live a creative meaningful life?


  •  Practices to support the emotional development of adolescents
  •  Effective practices for the development of the teenager’s mind
  •  Achieving conditions of cooperation and joint problem solving
  •  Teaching teens how to create close and lasting relationships
  •  How to talk so as to be heard, without the use of punishment or threats
  •  How to handle praise and encouragement
  •  How to approach the “hard” issues of sex and drugs

Educational material would be provided (processed and translated into Greek) to be used by professionals in parents groups and for daily use by parents.


Dates for the educational period 2015:

05-06/12/2015 (Saturday & Sunday)


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