Parents school “Stand by me”

Knowing the importance of the early experience in forming an inner sense of security and positive self-image, Braces gives special emphasis on parents’ education in order to develop “a secure link” between them and their child.
Utilizing the Marte Meo technique and rich audio-visual material, psycho-educators guide parents to support the emotional and cognitive development of their child and establish a close and safe relationship with it. This will be the emotional and mental map of the child so as to form a satisfactory relationship with himself and its surroundings in the future.
Parents School “Stand By Me” develops programs that incorporate elements of neuroscience, bond theory and the Marte Meo technique.
Group categories:
• Future parents and parents with children up to 6 months old
• Parents with children from 6 months to 3 years old
• Parents with children 3 to 6 years
• Parents with children 6 to 12 years
• Parents with children 12 to 18 years
The duration of each training program is twelve weeks. Two-hours session per week.


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