Pay it Forward

The «PAY IT FORWARD» program is an initiative of the Brace Social Coop to develop a chain of solidarity.
Part of the fees paid, are used by Brace in order to offer education to someone unemployed or economically strained. Each student in return should provide assistance to families in need (in the case of Marte Meo) or to a School (in the case of Aflatoun). Each family or School should in return offer something locally.

And so a chain of mutual support and love begins to grow …

Pay it Forward program

Brace Social Coop offered five (5) scholarships during the academic year 2014-2015.  The grantees that attended the accredited educational program Marte Meo Practitioner were:

  • A Teacher of Primary Education
  • A Teacher of Secondary Education
  • A Social Worker from “Help at Home” for Elderly people
  • A Nursery
  • A Pre-school teacher

Two (2) of the scholars are employed in the Attica region, and the other three (3) in different provincial areas.

Committed to our Pay It Forward policy, we continue our efforts to grant new scholarships for the next academic year.


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