What is Marte Meo

Marte Meo (“by own power”) is a method of educational counseling.

It was developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s by the Dutch educational counselor Maria Aarts. She experienced severe difficulties in explaining scientific insight about a child’s problems to parents and other educators, as these are often unable to understand pedagogic jargon and to identify the relevance of the insights to everyday-life situations.

Marte Meo is based on the thesis that human communication relies on a Natural dialogue, which is the main tool for human cognitive and emotional development.

Often, however, the dialogue is hampered and not completed. This generates a number of negative consequences. Satisfaction for both participants in the dialogue is reduced, emotional insecurity increases and further growth is prevented.

Marte Meo intervenes to restore the Natural Development of the Dialogue by removing any obstacles that might occur. Thereby, the creation of secure attachment and positive communication is achieved as well as the strengthening of emotional and cognitive development.

The Marte Meo Specialist uses short video recordings of daily activities to examine contact and communication. Based on the analysis of the material, they will guide the adult to complete the dialogue, to identify the opportunities for growth, to understand the ways to reinforce it as well as knowing -when it is proper- to act and why it is important to do so.


Each professional who is trained in the use of the Marte Meo technique, acquires a microscope for the analysis of human communication. The clear and precise information that he receives, help as to:
• identify opportunities for emotional and intellectual development
• understand which supportive physical behavior is required as to foster the development
• achieve the integration of this knowledge in the system of the person facing the difficulty in order to develop new communication skills with a direct and effective manner.

The broad scope of the Marte Meo is demonstrated by the large number of programs that have been developed:

Marte Meo & Child
• Marte Meo ADHD, Hyperactive Children
• Marte Meo Assessment Programme
• Marte Meo Programme for Autism
• Marte Meo Programme for Premature Babies
• Marte Meo Programme for Cry Babies
• Marte Meo Programme for Child Care
• Marte Meo Child Protection Care
• Marte Meo Child Psychiatry
• Marte Meo Foster Care Programme

Marte Meo & Adults
• Marte Meo Dementia
• Marte Meo Programme for the Depressed
• Marte Meo Programme for Drug Users and Addiction After-Care
• Marte Meo Programme for Elderly Care
• Marte Meo Family Support Programme
• Marte Meo Health Care Programme
• Marte Meo Hospital Programme
• Marte Meo Institution Programme (including Residential Care)
• Marte Meo Programme for People with Intellectual Disability
• Marte Meo Prevention and Early Intervention Programme
• Marte Meo Training Programme on Positive Management Skills
• Marte Meo Residential Care
• Marte Meo Quality Improvement Programme
• Marte Meo Training in Communication Skills
• Marte Meo Programme for Day Care / Kindergarten
• Marte Meo School Programme

Training Courses

Marte Meo Practitioner

The educational program Marte Meo Practitioner is an introductory training in Marte Meo Technique and addressed to:
• a Counselor, Psychologist or Psychotherapist, that wishes to gain the necessary tools so as to support communication between a parent and a child, a couple, or an educator, or consultant.
• a Social Worker or a Nurse who wants to improve contact with the groups involved, and educate them on the principles of Marte Meo so as to achieve the cooperation of the two parties.
• a Baby Nurse, Preschool Teacher or Speech Therapist who wants to know the way to secure connection, to support the emotional and cognitive development of children, and apply techniques that will ensure contact in cases of children with developmental disabilities.
• an Educator whose aim is to improve communication with students, to facilitate the educational process and develop positive leadership skills.
• any Professional engaged in communication and human relations. Marte Meo is a flexible tool that adapts to multiple work contexts.

Marte Meo training focuses on topics such as:

Activation of the Development Process. Developing Safety in Relations and Positive Self Image. Positive Guidance Skills. Game Skills. Emotional Distress Management and Self-Regulatory Mechanism. Increase Concentration. Cooperation, Sharing, Empathy. School Readiness. Brothers Relationship. Peer Relationships.

Upon completion of the training program, the Marte Meo Practitioner will be able to analyze the communication based on the principles of the Natural Development Dialogue and Marte Meo Technique.

Program Duration: 3 weekends

When a Marte Meo Practitioner wishes to deepen his/her knowledge in the Marte Meo Technique, he/she can continue training by attending the educational program of Marte Meo Therapist.

Marte Meo Therapist/Colleague Trainer

The second level of Marte Meo education concerns those who have already received the Marte Meo Practitioner Certificate and intend to:
• specialize in the application of Marte Meo on Counseling, Psychoeducation and Psychotherapy or
• transfer the knowledge they gained to their colleagues .

The training material for the acquisition of the titles of Marte Meo Therapist & Marte Meo Colleague Trainer is the same. The duration of the course is 18months and it is conducted on weekends. Throughout the course the students receive support and supervision on the practical implementation of the Marte Meo Technique:
• on families and Professional Caregivers in the case of Marte Meo Therapist and
• at work contexts in the case of Marte Meo Colleague Trainer.

Prerequisite for the participation in the educational program is that the candidates’ profession should be relevant to the field of Mental Health.

To obtain the title of Marte Meo Therapist, each candidate is asked to present the therapeutic change achieved through his intervention in four families. Whereas, to be qualified as a Marte Meo Colleague Trainer, the candidate is invited to successfully complete a Marte Meo Practitioner training course.



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