Completion of the Marte Meo Practitioner training!

The new year started with the completion of another two Marte Meo Practitioner training programs. Meeting those two groups of wonderful people and professionals, has touched and enriched us!

As the 2018 was at its beginning, we honored the custom of Vassilopita (Greek New Year’s cake). This year’s ‘Golden Coin’ went to two Marte Meo trainees, Athena and Sofia. Trying to interpret the message behind this, we searched for information in regards to the Goddess Athena and so we were reminded that Goddess Athena not only symbolizes Wisdom (Sofia), but she was also the protector of handicraft! And craftwork is nothing more than creating with our hands. Our own means! Our own forces!

With the wish to weave the thread of our life, with our own means and with a lot of Wisdom, we truly thank you for your participation and your warm feedback.

Delight and love in your life! Until we meet again…!


Brace, Marte Meo Practitioner Graduation Photo (Educators, 17-12-2017)
Brace, Marte Meo Practitioner Graduation Photo (Psychologists, 14-01-2018)


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