Completion of the Marte Meo Practitioner training at SOS Children’s Village in Vari

We wanted to create a “Circle of Love” in the SOS Children’s Village in Vari. We joined forces with the Mothers, the Aunts and the Educators of the SOS Village, but also with the Mental Health staff. Our aim was to improve the daily interaction and contact between caregivers and children. To develop a quality communication that will serve as a corrective experience on the children’s traumatic experiences and will strengthen them to meet the challenges of life.

And it seems that we have succeeded!

In creating this Circle of Love, our most valuable partners contributed significantly with ther scientific support: Katerina Koloka, George Alibertis and Sotiria Vegou.

We must thank the SOS Villages for their trust, but also each and every crowdfunding-supporter of this effort.

But above all, thank you Vassilis, Georgia, Litsa, Ioanna, Evangelia, Vivi, Anastassia, Effie, Konstantina, Maria M., Sevi, Maria G., Panagiota, Areti, Eleni, Thanassis, Nikoleta, Konstantinos, Fanny, Angelos, Stathis, Dimitris, Mary K., Yota and Athina because you stand by the children with your high morals and love. We honor and recognize your work and contribution.

Yours sincerely.
On behalf of Brace Social Coop & Marte Meo Hellas,
Maria Stamataki

Brace & SOS Villages - Marte Meo Practitioner, Graduation (Athens, 2016)


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