What is Brace

Brace is a newly established Social Cooperative Enterprise based in Athens, Greece. Its purpose is the development of training programs focused on people and the challenge of social change. 

The Key pillar of Brace is Marte Meo Hellas, that provides Counseling and Psychotherapy. Marte Meo Hellas specializes in the areas of Education of Mental Health Professionals, Marte Meo Technique and Parents psycho-education, offering its dynamic support to Braces’ vision.

Our mission

In Brace we choose to support and inspire teachers and caregivers of all children, whether they belong to a special, vulnerable group or not. Each invigorated parent and enhanced caregiver can connect, support and activate the development forces of those in need. Through a caregiver, multiple benefits are achieved, as its impact of intervention is spread among the large number of people in need.

Furthermore we choose to support and empower each child individually, in order to give him the means to avoid being trapped in poverty and being socially excluded.


Our History

Marte Meo Hellas was set up to offer educational programs to professionals in the sector of Caregiving and Child Support. Soon afterwards, a constantly increasing number of certified professionals in the Marte Meo method started expressing the positive impact the method had on children, families and the elderly.

The decisive moment was when the established network of Marte Meo professionals showed an eagerness and dedication to the method and its continuous application.

Brace Social Coop was created to provide an operational framework that facilitates broader application and network expansion. Committed to its purpose, Brace initiated a second educational program, Aflatoun, acting in the child poverty prevention field.


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