Our vision is to inspire, train and invigorate both adults and children in order for them to become agents of change of their own lives. We activate their internal forces to enable them to convert their weaknesses into lifetime opportunities.

Brace transforms one family at a time in Greece by offering caregivers (Parents, Psychologists, Social Workers, Teachers, Nurses) the necessary mentoring, training, coaching and overall support and skills to deal with individuals in “crisis” and post trauma. Professionals and parents are trained on the development of emotional and social intelligence. They acquire specific skills to generate empathetic emotional connection and communion and gain the necessary tools to avoid social exclusion and surmount the poverty trap.

We achieve our goals through our training programs.

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  • “Child and Self-Regulation” (Nicosia, Cyprus)
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  • 2nd Training Program for Candidates in Foster Parenting
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  • Completion of the Marte Meo Practitioner training!
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