2nd Training Program for Candidates in Foster Parenting

Brace Social Coop participated in the 2nd Pilot Training Program aimed at candidates in Foster Parenting that was conducted by the District of Attica at the National Deaf Foundation (Zacharof 1, Ambelokipi).  Brace’s participation was on a volunteer basis, same as in the 1st Training Program that was held in July of 2016.

The program lasted for 5 days (7-11 May) and its’ purpose was to train and support potential foster parents with knowledge, methods and techniques for smooth integration of the child into the family, problem management and the promotion of emotional development. Brace presented the issues of connection and communication between the child and foster parents and ways of supporting development through everyday interaction (strategies, examples, experiential exercises).

The response of the potential foster parents was touching! We wish them good luck and strength in this important task they have undertaken.


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