“Child and Self-Regulation” (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Organizer: A.Ki.DA. (Independent Movement of Teachers & Kindergartens of Cyprus)
Speaker: Maria Stamataki, ECP

Positive feelings and nice memories were experienced in our presentation in Cyprus. On Saturday the 24th of November, we responded to the invitation of A.Ki.DA., to talk about the self-regulation of children and educators. The organization was impeccable, the welcome very warm and the sharing very substantial. The request of A.Ki.DA. had a special meaning as the educational system both in Greece and Cyprus is under crisis more than ever and ways to maintain and support the self-regulatory mechanism of both the teacher and the child are sought. Only through protective moves towards his self and the child, the teacher can reduce the negative consequences of the crisis and the traumatic period on himself and consequently on his student. The emotional connection to maintaining the cohesive tutor-pupil relationship is essential for the mental balance of all of us. For us in Brace, the care of the educator has a great meaning today more than ever. Good luck to everyone’s work! Thank you A.Ki.DA.!



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